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Established February 2, 1974
Capital 40 million yen
Number of employees 484 – Male 393 (81.2%), Female 91 (18.8%) * Including temporary employees
(as of Dec, 2023).
Annual sales 2023: 10.437 billion yen
2022: 10.033 billion yen
2021: 9.832 billion yen
2020: 8.891 billion yen
2019: 9.331 billion yen
2018: 8.895 billion yen
2017: 8.199 billion yen
Chairman and Representative Director Kenzo Yoshida
President Takeshi Tanaka
Our Banks Bank of Tokyo UFJ, Komaki Branch
Shoko Chukin Bank, Nagoya Branch
Juroku Bank, Komaki Branch
Ichii Shinkin Bank, Komaki Branch
Fukuoka Bank, Nagoya Branch
Businesses Warehousing, general freight car transportation industry, car transportation handling business, packaging, and collection and transportation of industrial waste
Scope of Registration Storage, loading and unloading, distribution, processing and transportation of synthetic resins and synthetic rubber, and collection and transportation of industrial waste
Vehicle Fleet by Type
  • 2 light-van
  • 12 van
  • 19 3.5-ton trucks
  • 5 4-ton trucks
  • 21 7-ton trucks
  • 87 10-ton trucks
  • (Total 146 vehicles)
Licenses Warehousing (Commercial Warehousing) Tokai-so No. 48, No. 151
(Warrant-issuing Warehousing) Medium operating warehouse (Chuunko-so) No. 187, No. 21
General Freight Car Transportation Business (Area of Business: Chubu Region)
Car Transportation Handling BusinessWireless Station for Trucking Operations
Collection and Transportation of Industrial Waste
Head Office Address 900, Sinmichi Irukade-Shinden, Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, 485-0084
Telephone 0568-72-7221
Qualified person
General poison deleterious substance handlers
2 persons
Logistics technology management officers
1 person
Logistics management officers
7 persons
First-class health supervisors
8 persons
Customs officers
1 person
International combined transport mechanics
1 person
Service administrators
49 persons
Automobile mechanics
1 person
Eco drive master
10 persons
Hazardous materials handlers Class B Class 4
38 persons
Head Office Distribution Center
135,200 ft2 (Bulk filling equipment)
Komaki No. 1 Distribution Center
188,590 ft2 (constant temperature warehouse)
Komaki No. 2 Distribution Center
177,900 ft2 (dangerous goods warehouse)
Kijino Distribution Center
35,580 ft2
Oguchi No. 1 Distribution Center
177,900 ft2 (slitter equipment) (constant temperature warehouse)
Oguchi No. 2 Distribution Center
88,960 ft2
Kinuura Distribution Center
153,000 ft22
Kanto No. 1 Distribution Center
188,600 ft2 (slitter equipment)
Kanto No. 2 Distribution Center
177,900 ft2 (slitter equipment)
Chiba Sales Office
10,670 ft2
Kanto Distribution Center
106,700 ft2
Okayama Sales Office
(Inside Nishi Azumi Transportation Co., Ltd.)
Storage floor space
1.23 million ft2
Primary customers (alphabetical order) ▽Synthetic resin / Synthetic rubber
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation, ISONO Co., Ltd., ITOCHU Corporation, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd., Inabata & Co., Ltd., San net Logistics Co., Ltd., Showa Denko Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Corporation, Daicel Logistics Co., Ltd., Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd., Teijin Chemicals Ltd., Denka Company Limited (formely Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha), Tokai Rika Create Corporation, Toyobo Co., Ltd., Toray Industries, Inc., Du Pont-Toray Co., Ltd., Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Toyotsu Logistics Service Co., Ltd., Toyotsu Chemiplus Co., Ltd., ZEON Corporation, Japan Polypropylene Corporation, Prime Polymer Co., Ltd., Marubeni Plax Corporation, Mitsui Chemicals Co., Ltd., Mitsui Bussan Plastics Trade Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Chemical Logistics Corporation, UNITIKA Ltd.
▽ Film
Inabata Sangyo Co., Ltd., GUNZE Limited, Kohjin Film & Chemicals Co., Ltd., SUN TOX Co., Ltd., Shinsei Pulp & Paper Company Limited., Shinmarutokushushigyo Co., Ltd., Taisei Lamick Co., Ltd., Toppan Cosmo Inc., Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc., DNP Trading Co., Ltd., Daiwa Gravure Co., Ltd., Toray Industries, Inc., Toray Advanced Film Co., Ltd., Toray International, Inc., Fujimori Pla Chemical Co., Ltd., Vendor Service Co., Ltd., UNITIKA Ltd.
▽ General
Ordiy Co., Ltd., Hakugen Co., Ltd., Sasatoku Printing Co., Ltd., Idemitsu Unitech Co., Ltd., Sports Logistics Co., Ltd.



Official title Job title Name
Chairman and Representative Director Kenzo Yoshida
President Takeshi Tanaka
Senior Managing Director Division Director, J. P. L. Business Division
Responsible Officer, Kyushu Block, J. P. L. Business Division
Takashi Sakamoto
Managing Director Division Director, J. L. C. Business Division
Responsible Officer, West Japan Block,
J. P. L. Business Division
Teruo Makita
Managing Director Division Director, Business Management Head Office
Division Director, Finance & Accounting Department
Wataru Onda
Director Division Director, Quality and Safety Improvement Office
Deputy General Manager, Business Management Head Office
Susumu Kato
Director Division Director, JJMC Sales Division Kentaro Hiramatsu
Operating Officer Block Manager, Central Japan Block,J. P. L. Business Division Ryoji Sakurai
Operating Officer Division Director, ICT Promotion Office Teruaki Kato
Operating Officer Division Director, Human Resources & General
Affairs Department
Kiyoshi Tamura
Operating Officer Block Manager, East Japan Block, J. P. L. Business Division Syohei Iwata
Operating Officer Deputy General Manager, J. L. C. Business Division, Haruyuki Ichikawa
Operating Officer Deputy Block Manager, Central Japan Block,
J. P. L. Business Division
Syohei Iwata