Tajuku (Training School)

田塾集合写真Current affairs and anthropology

Studies to develop human characteristics.
For a person to become a man, there are two things to learn.
One of them “Current affairs” is to acquire latest knowledge and skills, and the other is “Anthropology”.
Current affairs is “Basic studies” while anthropology is “Actual studies”.
To train the younger employees next generation, President Yosida started Denjyuku to develop human resources at Daisei W&T.

Denjyuku Overview

Denjuku is a school to train human resources and is promoted by President Yoshida.
Each term is of 2 years, and 2 hour sessions are held once a month.
New generation youth approximately 10 in number ranging from new joinees to those with 5 to 6 years’ experience are nominated.
Themes such as How should we work learning from history? How should we live as human beings? are selected by President Yoshida. This is combined with current affairs and the lectures progresses with serious dialogue and laughter.
A serious lecture by President Yoshida will light up the young hearts of students at Denjyuku school.