Keiryu-kan Museum

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of founding, Keiryu-kan museum was opened at the Komaki No. 2 Distribution Center.

We will create a new history looking back at the past.
For this we have to learn from our predecessors and work tirelessly.
We will continue to progress to the future with a strong feeling of “Courage” in our hearts.
Keiryu Museum

Keiryu Museum OverviewKeiryu-kan Museum Overview

Exhibition Corner

Panels and materials depicting the progress of Daisei W&T from the founding period, various turning points and the present are displayed.
This memorial hall serves to look back on the 40 years of history and to make use of it for the future.

In 2020, we extended the timeline up to 50 years and renewed it.
Let’s continue building Daisei Warehouse together from now on.

This year’s zodiac sign for Just Delivery, which is familiar to all of you, is also “Tatsu (Dragon)”.
From “Ne (Mouse)” in 2008 to “Hitsuji (Sheep)” in 2015, these are the works of doll artist Yumedo from Aichi Prefecture.
From “Saru (Monkey)” in 2016 to “Hitsuji (Wild Boar)” in 2019, these are the works of Hakata doll artist Kameda of Fukuoka Prefecture.
From “Ne (Mouse)” in 2020 , these will be produced by Yakushi Kiln in Seto City.



This is the 10th year for Just Delivery Daruma!
Each department draws an eye when the budget is achieved!
After the second year, draw an eye when the previous year is achieved!