Our aim is to provide reliable logistics services
by accurately grasping the needs of our customers,
to be loved by the customers,
and create added logistics value that
enables us to grow and develop with the customers.

 The company has a decided to have a big plan to “Become a company that will celebrate its 100th anniversary”.
The significance of existence for Daisei W&T is to offer the best multi-logistics service related to chemical in the industry to customers.

 To build a company where employees “Look forward to coming to work in the morning”.

 Lively!Happily!And Robustly!And will continue to do so.

 We have been providing multi-logistics as polymer JUST-BIN system to our customers.

 The resolution of our company is to push forward towards 2074 by adding other domains and systems to polymer JUST-BIN system that will contribute to the growth and development of Daisei W&T and our customers.

 Although the future is uncertain, you can expect that Daisei W&T of tomorrow will provide support with quality and trust in this global age.

Daisei W&T
President Kenzo Yoshida

You can see the internet program that has been introduced by the “President of Aichi pref”.
愛知の社長 番組動画