Eco System

Daisei W&T collects and transports the waste generated by the shippers to the recycling centers, and plays the part of a lubricant in the recycling (recirculation) system.

● “Material recycling” = Re-used as a material
Processing of waste plastics by crushing and dissolution to be used as raw material for similar applications.
● “Thermal recycling” = Re-used as a heat source
Waste plastics are used as the main or auxiliary fuel, and the quantity of heat obtained by the combustion is utilized effectively in the manufacturing process of raw materials.

Flow of recycling

Daisei W&T – Scope of business


1. Scope of Business

  1. 1. Waste plastics
  2. 2. Scrap metal
  3. 3. Glass and ceramic waste

2. License Conditions: NoneLicensed prefectures and license numbers

Case study of shipper A engaged in film processing in the Chubu region.

 As a result of the consultations, we proposed an integration of the liaison system with various vendors to the liaison of Daisei W&T.
Moreover, separation and handling of materials remaining after film forming, film processing, and other waste materials was made efficient by the installation of Paretina (partition walls) specified by our company.
As a result, significant cost reduction was achieved by reducing the disposal costs and marketable products disposal costs.