Introduction to Daisei W&T

Corporate philosophy

Let’s build a company where employees
“Look forward to coming in to work in the morning”. Lively!Happily!And Robustly!

1Daisei Warehousing: Who is it for?
For our employees, to help each of us
live a rich, full life.
2Daisei Warehousing: What is it for?
To help our customers increase
their productivity.
3Why do we work?
To improve our character and
grow as people through our jobs.




Execute with the business style of “SANPOYOSHI (3 ways good)” with simple honesty

1Good of the buyer!
“Customer satisfaction – No.1 Company!!”
2Good of the seller!
“Employee satisfaction – No.1 Company!!”
3Good of the society!
“Social contribution – No.1 Company!!”

40 years of JUST-BIN


We have been meeting the needs of our customers in the Chubu region with the unique JUST-BIN system.

We at Daisei W&T have used JUST-BIN for the past 40 years mainly for the parts of automotive-related customers and established a logistics network specializing in polymer products to serve the petrochemical companies of the Chubu region (Aichi pref, Mie pref, Gifu pref).
We at Daisei will continue to expand the utility area of JUST-BIN from the central region to the whole country by center to center (point to point) connection of all 11 centers established with JUST-BIN to obtain lines, and then join the lines to create a complete network.

Appreciation and challenges

Appreciation of over the 40 years will bring new challenges

 We at Daisei W&T will establish JPL (Japan Polymer Lines) to expand the JUST-BIN system across the whole of Japan that has been fostered by us in the Chubu region, and uniquely meet the needs of the petrochemicals companies in Japan.