The knowledge and network of JUST-BIN system that has completed 40 years is leveraged to coordinate optimized logistics for customers.

Flow of D-3PL

Introduction Example

Trading company A handling the logistics of raw materials for automotive components in Indonesia.

 We were requested to establish a high-quality warehouse management system in Indonesia, Daisei stationed a manager with inventory management expertise at the site.


Example of Company A, a shipper engaged in processing of plastics in the Kanto area.

 Company A approached Daisei to create an efficient logistics system utilizing the in-house warehouse of the shipper, Daisei proposed the routes to the delivery destinations and the inventory management system.
The operations of the system are managed in partnership with a freight forwarder of the Kanto area who has the knowledge of synthetic resins.

Example of Company B, a shipper who purchases recyclable plastic materials from factories in Japan and exports them to China.

 Company B approached Daisei W&T to develop a system to export the materials directly from factories, without passing through their facilities.
By eliminating the pickup process at the factories, we helped Company B to speed up the process and reduce the costs.