Activities to Implement the Services for customer

Just patrol

The skills of each individual JUST-BIN driver is evaluated and the improvements are visualized continuously to confirm the effectiveness of technical guidance and measures, and confirmation of improvement of the delivery destination information.


8S patrol

The products stored in the warehouse and the skills of each individual lift operator is evaluated, and the improvements are visualized continuously.
The warehouse representatives, technical representatives and quality representatives patrol the sites along with the site center and warehouse heads to check the storage and work status.
A commendation system has been setup.
During the patrol, the effectiveness of the measures implemented for problems faced by the workers such as break package are checked while looking at the actual parts.
The sampling of the inventories and inspections performed before the lift operations are verified.

What is 8S?

Seiri (Sorting) The items are separated into necessary and unnecessary items; the unused items are disposed of to ensure that unwanted items are not kept in the warehouse.
Seiton (Orderliness) The placement locations and placement methods are decided, and reliable labelling is provided to enable necessary items to be taken out immediately when necessary.
Seisou (Cleaning) Clean to ensure that the site is maintained neatly without any garbage.
Siketsu (Cleanliness) Sorting, orderliness, and cleaning are performed thoroughly to maintain a clean environment without contamination.
Shitsuke (Discipline) Proper implementation of the measures that have been established for oversight and problems.
Smile Greet others with a refreshing attitude, and communicate smoothly with others.
Safety Storage and work has to be carried out keeping in mind the safety of the customer’s product and the surroundings.
Space Store efficiently and appropriately, and work with adequate space.

Forklift skills competition

Forklift skills competition was held at the technical staff department with the cooperation of Toyota L&F from the Chubu region.
2 representatives were selected from each center, and competition was held in accordance with the method used for land transport occupational accidents.
The subject is covered in the first section, inspection competition in the second section, and driving competition in the third section, and specialist knowledge and skills as a professional is improved continuously.
Such competitions will eliminate accidents and increase the capability of the sites to meet the expectations of the customers, and this will become the strength of Daisei W&T.


Driver skills competition

First section   Subject test
Second section Energy saving driving competition
Third section   Daily inspection competition
Such competitions will polish the skills and knowledge required as professional drivers, help to eliminate accidents, and “Capability” of the sites will meet the expectations of the customers, and this will become the “Strength” of Daisei W&T.