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Through Distribution Eco System
"JUST-BIN"(ジャスト便) System Through Distribution Eco System
Products and goods from multiple shipping sources are consolidated onto the same vehicle and transported at regular intervals. The result is increased efficiency. Products and goods transported by trailer trucks on main routes are immediately passed on to the second stage of shipping, without intermediate warehousing. At Daisei Warehousing & Transportation, we have added CNG(Compressed Natural Gas)vehicles to our fleet and work to minimize the environmental burden of our operations.

Company Profile

With a background of specialist technical expertise and a focus on the flexible flow of cargo, we offer the best transportation and warehousing solutions in terms of quality, speed, cost, and the environment. Daisei distribution always considers the needs of both shippers and receivers.
We are constantly evolving
and creating new distribution
possibilities. Kenzo Yoshida,
President, Daisei Warehousing
& Transportation Co., Ltd.

Daisei Warehousing & Transportation Co., Ltd.